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Category: Unorthodox Essay

  • Angelical Temptations: Unequal companions

    Adam and Eve

    The goal of this essay is to prove that Adam and Eve are not equal because they are tempted in a different way. I have to analyze their hierarchy which encompasses their place in the world as the newest creation in the garden of Eden, and the authority that each possess as well as their pursuit of knowledge which drives their actions and informs their respective trials and temptations.  

  • How to write a Superman story

    Who killed Jimmy Olsen? Or, Why there are no good Superman movies.

    If we want to answer the question, firstly, we have to define who Superman is, and to understand him we must understand 2 fundamental aspects of the character; His Identity, and his Intersubjectivity.

  • Analysis of Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

    William Shakespeare rewritten by Anne Marie Macdonald. Cover for the essay "The Emancipation of one Constance Ledbelly."

    From all the characters, Constance Ledbelly is the only one with a dual role. She is the heroine and the catalyst of comedy. She is the author and the proof that Shakespeare’s tragedies are susceptible to change.

  • The funny reason why the Batman is a joke.

    Cover for the essay "The funny reason why the Batman is joke"

    The Joker transforms tragedy into comedy. However, the character of the Riddler plays the role of the fool. The witty fool. This character is a staple of Shakespearean comedic plays. The presence of the Fool is what transforms a tragedy into a comedy

  • Waking Up Poetry

    Cover for the essay “Waking up poetry.” An analysis of “Anthem for doomed youth” by Wilfred Owen.

    It was not the Great War that caused a change in poetry, it certainly destroyed any illusion that war is glorious or just a game. The war did not kill traditional poetry, that had already happened before any shots were fired