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Dispatches from Quebec City

These photos from Quebec City are from my recent trip I took there during the winter break. I had been to the city before and I had hoped to stay at the famous Chateau Frontenac. Sadly, my pockets aren’t that deep.

Instead, I limited myself to photograph whatever caught my eye.

While looking for a place to drink a warm cup of coffee I stumbled upon this shop. Her smile warmed my heart.

Of all the photos of Quebec City that I took during the trip, this one is my favourite.

Most of the pictures look out of focus because I am still figuring out how the DSLR works. I was trying to shoot in Manual-Mode. Later I learned that you only use Manual if you can control the conditions of the place you are shooting. Like how they do it at a photography studio.

Anyways, I had also set the focus point to be a little higher than normal, which contributed to having a blurred set of vacation pictures.

Quebec City is a beautiful place. But, it is nothing without the people who visit and live there. It doesn’t matter if you are outside or inside the hotel.

The people walking around breathe life unto the streets, and into the massive hotel. Anyways, here are some other photos of Quebec City that I took during that trip. If you would like to use them for something, email me.

Christmas shop at Quebec City, circa December 2023





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