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« Black and white loves » takes place in the year 1918. The Mexican revolution is still ongoing and a new disease is spreading throughout the world as the world recovers from the Great War.

Mexico city is a ghost town.

In this country people die because of this or that. And in the middle of all that, a letter is written. A love letter. Will it reach its destination or will it be forgotten by the passage of time?

eBook details

  • Language: Spanish
  • Genre: Romance, Period drama
  • Date of publication: September 2020
  • Written by Axel Trujillo
  • Illustrated by ATLdesigns
  • « Black and white loves » is written in the first person point of view, it belongs to the epistolary genre because it is written in the form of a letter.

About « Black and white loves »

This eBook is an homage from the so called Golden age of Mexican cinema. But, it is also my way of reflecting on these types of movies. This short story is a way to explore how the Golden age informs my cultural baggage. I came to the conclusion that this cultural background creates a vicious circle or feedback loop between movies and society.

« Black and white loves » is inspired by the many hours that I spent watching black and white movies.

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*Prices are displayed in Canadian dollar

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