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Krizaliz is an art collective founded in May 2020. The name comes from the chrysalis from which monarch butterflies emerge – which migrate every year between Mexico and Canada – just like our family did in 2018.

The goal is for Krizaliz to one day be a platform for emerging artists and creatives on the island of Montreal.

In addition to creating new art and fiction, we also create videos to spread literature and celebrate it with a masked Mexican character who speaks French.

Aside from finding eBooks on our site, you can also read the Krizaliz blog to learn about many famous writers like Mary Shelley and John Milton, and others you’ve probably never heard off.

Black suit superman with Darkseid by Zack Snyder - How to write a Superman story
Read “How to write a Superman story” and other articles on the Krizaliz blog.
El Monark, la plus grande menace a la langue française au Québec
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