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Kristalina or an hour in the life of a modern witch

By Axel Trujillo


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“Kristalina or an hour in the life of a modern witch” is a short story about a young witch, living in Montreal, who traps herself outside of time.

This story explores what it feels like to be young and never have enough time to do what you really want.

I really hope you survive the experience.

eBooks details

  • Language: English
  • Genre: Science-Fiction
  • Publication date: September, 2020
  • Written by Axel Trujillo
  • Cover illustration by Aaron Trujillo

Kristalina’s name was inspired by the name of one of my friends and by the 1725 novel “Fantomina or Love in a Maze” written by Eliza Haywood. This eBook is a tribute to old Victorian Literature but it is also a way for me to try to understand it. I read some of it in university and the learning never stops.


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