Ce sont les histoires de notre temps

*I had to use the word Editions because… #Quebec

The word Krizaliz comes from the word chrysalis which is “the shell or case whence the perfect insect bursts” (OED). I promise it will make sense once you read the rest of the page.

What is Editions Krizaliz

All digital

I started Krizaliz because in university I learned and read about so many great poets and writers who wrote their masterpieces.

And they died, leaving behind nothing but words.

I knew that everything in Krizaliz had to be digital. The most important lesson I learned in university is that what matters the most are the words. Not the paper they are printed on.

Of course I could have followed the traditional route and be assimilated by the juggernaut otherwise called “publishing industry.” But having my name printed nine billion times would only be an exercise in vanity.

Cover for close-reading of “Paradise Lost” by John Milton

Krizaliz publishes original fiction that pushes the boundaries of traditional editorial practices.

Editions Krizaliz is a Montreal-based publishing house or at least that is what I want it to be. The endgame is for Krizaliz to be THE publisher of choice for Montreal’s emerging writers and creatives.

And that’s a wonderful dream but in the meantime it’s just me.

Kristalina or an hour in the life of a modern witch, Krizaliz eBooks store

word & image

For Krizaliz I wanted things unattempted yet, and for that I would combine the power of the word and the image to create something new.

Krizaliz exists to sell my works and to ensure that I alone have absolute control. I will write short stories, novels comic books and poetry. I might even create a new type of literature, who knows. And, when I’m ready, I will write an epic poem and I will change everything.

Krizaliz will bring literature to the 21st century, with or without me.

And I’ll do all that without having to print a single word.

Aside from the creative aspect of Krizaliz I also offer my experience and knowledge to the highest bidder.

I am a dreamer but I acknowledge that the world is not a play and that life is messy and horrible. And since we haven’t figured out how to transfer our consciousnesses into indestructible robotic bodies, then I must make money to buy food and pay the bills.


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