Chronicles of lockdown: Chapter 9 “no more lockdown?”

It’s been a while since I last wrote in this literary experiment. Truth be told I was busy not caring. I know it sounds awful but life’s been good during lockdown. I finally finished school and learned a lot about actually being an adult and starting my own business. I learned a lot about myself as well. I also gained weight, half of my pants don’t fit no more. That’s a problem because if rumours are to be believed we are all going to return to normalcy in a couple of weeks. I’m even getting vaccinated soon! I’m looking forward to it. Thankfully my parents already got their first dose so my heart’s at ease.

Right now I’m drinking a cup of coffee while listening to Selena. My family and I were heartbroken when we watched that final episode. We knew how it ended and every single laugh and heartwarming moment was bittersweet because we all knew how her legend ended. But by the time the series ended I understood that the point was to bring Selena back and show her how she actually was, a woman so full of life, that the world was too small for her. I mean that series is so amazing in so many levels that I think I ought to write an essay or something about it. I listen to her music everyday (I know it’s actually Selena and Los Dinos’ music but I’m keeping things simple here). Selena as a character is someone I can relate to. I am trying to figure out my path and how I fit into all this chaos. And to see someone just as young as me, going through all the same struggles as me, struggling with 2 languages just like me, it just goes beyond relatable. Selena (The series) turns a legend into a human, not by destroying it but by deconstructing her, by showing the good and bad; to reveal that she is not defined by her tragic ending, but by her incredibly joyous and complicated life.

I thought I was writing something deep here but I’m only geeking out about Selena (The series and the singer). Sorry.

So, now that Quebec announced that, supposedly, the curfew is being lifted and slowly but surely, everything is going back to normal, I’m thinking that I should give Chronicles of Lockdown a proper send off. But that would imply that I’m actively planning these… whatever the hell they are. Writings? I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll write some more, perhaps I won’t. You’ll have to subscribe to the newsletter to find out. You wouldn’t want to miss the entry where I talk about the digital pirates that I met the other day. They’re like modern day Robin Hoods but for books.

So until then, take care and get yourself vaccinated. Otherwise, we’ll never get to see that new James Bond film.