Editions Krizaliz

Montreal publisher for books and fine arts

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de quoi parle la bande dessine de super-héros ? Une BD publié par Editions Krizaliz

What is Editions Krizaliz?

Here, at Editions Krizaliz we create and publish works of fiction in a multitude of formats, both traditional and new.

Articles and essays published by Editions Krizaliz

With these writings we explore the books and the literature that shape our lives in one way or another. From poetry, comics and popular culture, we like to overthink things that we think are important.

Fiction published by Editions Krizaliz

We write and create works of fiction in the forms of short stories, novels, and other new and traditional mediums, like comic books or video games. All short stories are published here first, for everyone to enjoy. Afterwards we adapt them into other mediums.

Videos produced by Editions Krizaliz

We create videos as part of our efforts to promote the access to literature, and help people discover books and stories they might like or find interesting. In every video we try something different, which is why it takes a really long time to release them.

Talk to us

Have any questions? We are always open to talk about new projects. Send an email to contact AT krizaliz dot ca or find us through social media.