What is Editions Krizaliz?

We are a Montreal publishing house. We deal in fine-art and books, which are all made by humans for humans. We don’t do that AI nonesense. Also we like to overthink about the media we produce and consume, meaning that we sometimes publish literary analysis about books or just a vibe-check on other forms of popular culture and media. On rare occasions we also produce vide-essays, but let’s be honest that is so 2016. We living in the future now.

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Give us $500 CAD to get published instantly (I mean, as long as it isn’t anything illegal or fascist or racist or anything like that – I mean c’mon, don’t be a dick) or, send us your submission for an article, story or whatever interesting prose or political nonsense you believe might interesting to our based and giga-chad readers.

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If you are interested in advertising with us or having a promoted post, send us an email too. If you are not evil we can come to some sort of an arrangement that involves you giving us money for the chance of reaching our enlightened readership.

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