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We are the stories that we tell ourselves.

With these writings, illustrations and other types of media we explore the media, books and literature that shape our lives in one way or another. From poetry, comic books, popular culture and even urban planning, we like to overthink things that we consider are important.

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We accept submissions through email. We prioritize works submitted by Montreal artists and authors, but we will not say no to a well written and fun piece of work that comes from elsewhere. Send us a draft of your work with a paragraph explaining why you think it would be a great addition to our site. Send your submission at contact AT krizaliz DOT ca, include “submission” in the subject line, and your contact information in the email. Be aware that we do not accept works created using AI tools.

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Poetry is dead; Alfred Nobel

If you prefer, we also accept emails. Just send your message to “contact” at krizaliz dot ca. I promise we read every message that comes our way. Viagra sellers please refrain from contacting us. We will take legal action.