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  • Découvrant la dernière identité secrète – dans les coulisses de la creation d’un bande dessinée

    Découvrant la dernière identité secrète

    Dans les coulisses : Créer une histoire de super-héros à Montréal Pour ma bande dessinée, j’avais besoin d’un protagoniste qui avait les caractéristiques d’un super-héros : quelqu’un de puissant et hors de l’ordinaire. J’ai commencé à concevoir ses compétences afin de réfléchir à la façon dont il traiterait les méchants de l’histoire. Ensuite, je me […]

  • Chronicles of lockdown: Chapter 9 “no more lockdown?”

    No more lockdown in Quebec

    It’s been a while since I last wrote in this literary experiment. Truth be told I was busy not caring. I know it sounds awful but life’s been good during lockdown. I finally finished school and learned a lot about actually being an adult and starting my own business. I learned a lot about myself […]

  • Eve and Adam’s conflicting portrait of gender

    Eve and Adam's conflicting portrait of gender

    How do you make an analysis of Eve and Adam? Believe me when I tell you that for academics, writers and readers in general, there is no consensus. Nobody can really agree what’s the deal with Eve and Adam. Yes, I’m calling them Eve and Adam. Deal with it. There are just so many lenses […]

  • Satan and Raphael: The Significance of Otherworldly Characters in “Paradise Lost”

    The characters of angels in "Paradise Lost" are disturbingly human.

    This essay explores the significance of the characters Satan and Raphael in John Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost. The angels in the poem offer a rich and dense cluster of topics, revealing their otherness and limitations while exploring questions about their creation, fall, knowledge, and purpose. Satan and Raphael are disturbingly human, highlighting the uniqueness of Adam and Eve in a universe inhabited by divine and wicked angels.