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Angelical Temptations: Unequal companions

The goal of this essay is to prove that Adam and Eve are not equal because they are tempted in a different way. I have to analyze their hierarchy which encompasses their place in the world as the newest creation in the garden of Eden, and the authority that each possess as well as their pursuit of knowledge which drives their actions and informs their respective trials and temptations.  

The truth about God

Don’t you believe in God? Don’t worry, God believes in you. I’m kidding! Relax. God doesn’t exist. Except when he does!

Eve and Adam’s conflicting portrait of gender

How do you make an analysis of Eve and Adam? Believe me when I tell you that for academics, writers and readers in general, there is no consensus. Nobody can really agree what’s the deal with Eve and Adam. Yes, I’m calling them Eve and Adam. Deal with it. There are just so many lenses… Continue reading Eve and Adam’s conflicting portrait of gender

Satan and Raphael

Satan and Raphael, divine slaves These two angels have more in common with humans in Paradise Lost than anyone would like to admit. John Milton writes cosmic characters and infuses them with humanity, but the key to understanding Satan and Raphael is to accept that they are not human.  The angels in Paradise Lost are… Continue reading Satan and Raphael

When poetry gets political

Paradise Lost by John Milton is a 10, 565 lines LONG epic poem and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t rhyme. But how, I hear you asking, how can a poem not rhyme? Isn’t that the whole point of writing poetry? Well, it’s a lot more complicated than that.

The life and times of John Milton

It has been brought to my attention that you don’t know who John Milton was.

Reflections of light

Milton writes about God and free will to justify the ways of man to men.